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Shellfish and Seafood Recipes to Tempt and Tantalise!

09 September 2015 at 15:48

Stuck for Supper? Seafood is the answer!

From a simple family supper to fine dining seafood and shellfish is the ultimate flexible ingredient, but so many folk are wary about cooking it. Top chef Mike Knowles reckons the key is to use 'fresh from the water local produce' - he says "when the quality is top knotch you don't even need to cook it!".

Mike talks us through some of his favourites from Loch Melfort's Asknish Bay - the hotel's popular  2 AA Red Rosette restaurant. Mike is Head Chef at Loch Melfort which holds a Taste our Best Award and has two restaurants - the fine dining Asknish Bay and the more informal Chartroom Bistro. What's more, you can see him in action cooking at the Best of the West festival this weekend at Inverary Castle. Even without a live demonstration Michael's recipes are really easy to follow and the results are sublime!



250ml freshly squeezed lime juice

1 finely sliced red onion

100g salmon

100g halibut

4 scallops (hand dived if possible)

1 handful of chopped green olives

2 chopped red chillies 

tbsp olive oil 

5 tomatoes (concasse)

50g chopped coriander

Pinch of salt and pepper



Place lime juice, onion and fish into a bowl and cover up for 2 to 3 hours, until the fish has firmed up slightly.

Pass through a fine sieve then add olives, chilies, tomato concass, coriander and olive oil.

Season with salt and pepper. 

Serve with crispy olive oil croutons and organic salad with lemon dressing.



Salmon Gravlax with beetroot and dill served with sea salt blini




1 side of Scottish salmon, sealed and pin boned.

600g table salt

400g caster sugar

2 handfuls of chopped dill

100ml beetroot puree

2 tbsp Dijon mustard



Combine salt and sugar.

Place prepped and trimmed salmon skin side up on chopping board and cut 3 deep slices into the flesh through the skin. 

Rub mustard into cuts, then turn over onto salt and sugar mix.

Evenly spread the remaining mustard over the flesh.

Spread with 1 handful of chopped dill.

Cover with salt and sugar, making sure the salmon is completely covered.

Cover the tray and refrigerate for 36-48 hours depending on thickness.

After two days, wash the salmon with freshwater and pat dry with a towel.

Now evenly spread out the beetroot puree onto the fish and cover with 1 handful of chopped dill.

Cover with cling film until use.


Sea salt blini


230g plain flour

1 tsp sea salt

230g wholegrain flour 

½ tsp dried yeast

900ml milk

2 egg yolks

2 egg whites



Combine all, except egg whites, to make a batter.

Separately whip egg whites and fold into mix before end.

Cook batter using a hot frying pan, pouring mixture into 3cm x 3cm disks. 

Cook until bubbles appear then flip over and repeat. 


Serve this warm with 2-3 finely sliced pieces of salmon, pickled cucumber and watercress salad.

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