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Oban - Seafood Capital of Scotland

Download these mobile apps and podcasts to discover more about Oban's key places of interest and trails. 

They are designed to inspire and provide you with inside tips and advice on what to see, as well as highlighting areas of special interest.

The downloads provide lots of information and inspiration to help you get more from your visit to Oban.

Love Oban App

Get access to local news, offers and events plus lots more from the definitive app for Oban. Be part of everything going on in your community with content curated by local businesses and the town centre management team.

The app recommends things for you to do, sends you alerts and local information. You can even go on walking audio tours to learn more about the area!


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Love Oban Podcasts

Ceud Mìle Fàilte. Hello and welcome to Scotland’s most popular west coast holiday town, Oban.

Enjoy our series of informational podcasts about the town of Oban, fondly known as the Seafood Capital of Scotland.

Listen to all of our podcasts to learn more about

  • How to plan your sustainable Oban adventure
  • Oban’s most famous landmark, McCaig’s Tower
  • Why not try seafood sold directly from the pier
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Love Oban Active Travel App

Your digital active travel guide to a series of walking and cycling trails in and around Oban.

Featuring eight self-guided trails, interactive tours and an Eye Spy game this guide is your opportunity to find out about some of the important buildings and landmarks to be found in and around Oban whilst out walking or cycling.

The type of trails featured range from relatively flat routes along the waterfront through to more challenging routes that cross moorland and high ground. The trails have not been graded, however each trail page includes a route synopsis and detailed route description to allow you to decide whether or not the trail is suitable for you.

Key Features

  • Eight Self-Guided interactive walking trails
  • Three 360° interactive tours
  • Fun family challenges to spot features in and around the town
  • Links to local visitor information resources


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Oban Walking Trails

Starting at the North Pier and the Oban Visitor Information Centre, you can follow a Northern or Southern loop around Oban.

These trails have been designed to be accessible for your level of fitness, wants and needs - and of course make allowances for the weather!

As you enjoy your wander, you will learn more about the entrepreneurial businessmen who developed the town from its humble stone age cave dwelling origins.

You will follow in the footsteps of prominent Victorians as you promenade along the Esplanade and enjoy tales of Celtic monks, ancient Celtic giants and Irish myths and legends.

These rewarding walks take in all of the places of interest, landmarks and of course, you will enjoy the stunning views out over Oban Bay.

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