Seafood Capital of Scotland


Oban's Weather


Oban is situated on the West Coast of Scotland and in the path of the Gulf Stream, which means that it is usually warmer here than other parts of Scotland. However being in the west means that the town gets more unpredictable weather than on the East Coast. You never know what it is going to be like hour to hour let alone day to day.

More settled weather tends to occur in April and May, and then later in the year in September and October. If you are coming on holiday it is always advisable to bring clothing for every eventuality. The rain does mean that the countryside is always green and fresh in the summer and remember there is plenty to do in Oban whatever the weather. Without the rain we would not have Oban Malt Whisky, fabulous mussels (the mix of fresh water and seawater in the sea lochs where they are harvested is unique and adds to their flavour), glorious gardens, waterfalls, burns, lochs and lochans.

Daylight Hours

Oban enjoys very long days in the summer with sunrise at approximately 4.31am and sunset at approximately 10.15pm on the longest day. Conversely sunrise on the shortest day is at approximately 8.54am and sunset is at 3.46pm.

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