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Inverarity Morton

Premier wine supplier to the licensed trade

Founded in 1945, Inverarity Morton is Scotland’s leading independent wines and spirits merchant. By focusing on our people, our product and our service, we have worked hard to establish a reputation at the forefront of our industry… but we never rest on our laurels!

As a composite wholesaler, we are able to supply the licensed trade with an unrivalled portfolio of packaged drinks products. Our wine list features over 2,000 wines handpicked from around the world, many of which we carry exclusively, and we are the only SOPA-certified organic wine importer in Scotland. We have an extensive range of boutique premium spirits, with craft beers, real ales and soft drinks also forming part of our drinks portfolio.

We buy from source and keep our costs competitive so customers can get more for their money. Our wine school is a global centre of excellence for hospitality training so customers can get more from their staff. The wheels of our well-oiled logistics machine are kept turning by a slick warehousing and fulfilment operation that ticks over night and day to get the job done.
We deliver beyond expectations.