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The Little Foragers Kitchen

Foraging Experiences in Oban, Lorne and the Isles

Exploring the wild food, medicine and more of wild Argyll

Our ancestors depended on Nature to supply them with food, medicine and shelter. Their supermarket, pharmacy and equivalent of B & Q was literally right outside their house. Foraging for food used to be the primary way that our ancestors survived and there are some truly delicious wild foods out there at all times of the year, from fresh wild greens, aromatic herbs, fragrant blossoms, pungent saps, juicy berries, creamy nuts and of course a huge array of different mushrooms.

Wild foods are ancestral foods, regardless of whether they are native or introduced/invasive. At some point, they will have filled our ancestors cooking pots. Far from a recent food trend, wild foods have been consumed and enjoyed by our ancestors around the world, since we first walked the Earth. Here at The Little Foragers Kitchen, we are passionate about helping people of all ages to reconnect with this lost knowledge in an accessible, safe, and fun way.


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