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5* Visit Scotland marine wildlife tour operator

Seafari Adventures are a 5* Visit Scotland marine wildlife tour operator. Based in Easdale, 16 miles south of Oban, we have a fleet of powerful RIBs which are purpose designed and built to ensure you maximum viewing opportunities.

Tours depart throughout the day visiting the Gulf of Corryvreckan, home of the World's Third Largest Whirlpool. Porpoise, dolphins, whales, and basking sharks feed in these food-rich waters along with many seals and the occasional otter. There are deer on the islands and seabirds in the skies which are also home to both the white tailed sea eagle and golden eagle.

Our two hour Corryvreckan Wildlife Trip is a nature spectacular set amongst the many islands in the area. The scenery is spectacular with both woodlands and cliffs. 

Seafari's fleet consists mainly of high speed Rigid Hulled Inflatable boats purpose built for wildlife and nature watching. Boats are driven by one of our highly experienced skippers and crewed by a qualified wildlife guide. Using our cabin RIBs we are able to offer day tours to Iona, Staffa and the local Puffin Colony.

We also have a traditional hard boat which we use for our 3hr Wildlife and Whales tours - the traditional boat is a modern, spacious boat - ideal for those looking for a leisurely paced tour. Sit outside in the fresh air or enjoy the views from its heated cabin. We provide complimentary hot drinks on the traditional boat.

Seafari Adventures offers boats for private charter. With our vast knowledge of the area we are able to provide a completely unique tour or adventure that will make your holiday memorable. We also offer a private ferry service to many islands. We are the chosen supplier of boat services to Northern Lighthouse Board (Oban)

Aboard our Open RIBs

Corryvreckan Wildlife Tour (2 hours)

A fantastic general wildlife tour culminating in a visit to the Infamous Gulf of Corryvreckan, home to the World's Third Largest Whirlpool.Our expert guides will identify and offer detailed information on all the wildlife found in the area. Species in the water include common seal, atlantic grey seal, harbour porpoise, bottlenose dolphin, minke whale, basking shark and otter. On the islands there are red deer, fallow deer, goats and a surprising number of smaller animals. Keep a close lookout for buzzard, golden eagle and white tailed sea eagle. Our commentary includes natural history and local folklore.

Whirlpool Specials (1.75 hrs)

See the Corryvreckan Whirlpool at its best. These trips are designed to show the mighty “Corry” on big spring tides. A tidal range as much as 4 metres forms fast currents and large whirlpools. After a short stop at the Grey Dogs to explain why the tide flows as it does through these parts it’s off to the Corry to ‘play’. Our skippers are experts in judging where the whirlpools will form ensuring you get an exhilarating ride through the whirlpool area

From the comfort of our Traditional Boat - Celtic Adventurer

Wildlife & Whales Tour (3 hrs)

Our boat will take you to the whale 'hotspots'. We spend time looking for whales, recording our sightings as requested by Research Organisations. Our fleet of boats are out on the water daily, skippers are aware of what is happening in the area. These tours start in mid-May and run until the beginning of September. We are always very honest about our wildlife sightings and if the skipper senses the whales aren't around they will divert to find some more "reliable" wildlife.

From the comfort of our cabin RIB

Iona and Staffa and the Puffin colony Day Trip  (6 hrs)

A direct route to Iona and Staffa from Easdale - just 75 minutes quayside to quayside (the alternative, 2 ferries and a long road drive). Visit St Columba’s Abbey with ample time ashore to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. This tour includes a non landing trip to Staffa (Fingal's Cave). Enjoy all the wildlife along the way with a full and informative commentary.


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